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Under eye care: why the skin around your eyes deserves special treatment

  Skincare can get pretty complex. There are a lot of products, a lot of rules for application, and a lot of different theories behind what works and why. It can get a little confusing, and easy to ask the question “what does it matter, anyway?”. There are some key rules that you should always, always follow, such as: keep your face clean, always stay moisturized, and don’t sleep with makeup on. Those are pretty essential, basic and the cornerstone to good skin…

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Amazing Toners Under $20

There are some things that you just have to splurge on to get an effective product. Moisturizer, shampoo, even cleansers I’d say are a few of those products that you really are better off paying more for and it is worth it to bite the bullet. But when it comes to getting a good toner, some of the best ones on the market are under $20. Now, that is not to say that there aren’t more expensive ones out there that do…

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These Amazing Benefits of Yoga Will Inspire You to Get Moving Every Day

Stress Relief Exercising is a commonly known, effective, and natural form of stress relief. According to the Mayo Clinic (1), “exercise in almost every form can act as a stress reliever” because physical activity pumps endorphins, improves your mood, and can aid in boosted metabolism and burning calories. Yoga is a mind-body practice, it is designed to strengthen and your mind both, not just your body. The joining of mental and physical exercises are tremendous for reducing stress (2). 2. Weight…

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What to wear after Labor Day: 2018 Fall fashion trends you’re going to see

In the world of Fashion, Labor Day is the official mark that summer is gone and fall is here. With a summer gone, white, bright colors, and light airy fabrics go with it. I hope you’re all shopping the awesome Labor Day sales to help stores make way for the oh-so-wonderful beloved season: Fall. Fall is the time of year many of us just can’t wait for. The crisp air calls for layered sweaters, large coats, an array of scarves, tall…

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Should you eat a plant based diet?

With so many diets circling around the web, it may be hard to decide what is right for you. We all know now that what you put in your mouth is more than just for flavor or preference, but can affect your entire body, mind, and soul. Before we get deep into the topic, let’s just say that whatever you decide may be different than your neighbor, and that is perfectly okay. We all have different body types, nutritional needs, health…

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