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Easy Ways to Stay Active in Winter

As the weather gets colder and the holiday season begins it is easy to want to stay cozy on the couch with the family, but with all of the unhealthy food we eat this season it is especially important to keep active. Taking the time to exercise doesn’t mean you have to leave your friends and family behind to have fun without you, there are many options to get up and be active with any size group over the winter…

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Stay fit while you travel by packing these 5 simple things

Traveling can be something we really look forward to, but it can also put a major dent in our routine. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, don’t let your travel plans get in the way of your fitness goals. When you are at home, you may have a yoga studio you frequent, a gym membership and even a personal trainer. But traveling can change all of that quickly. When you travel, it doesn’t mean you have to lose…

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The best workouts for busy schedules

HIIT If you’ve never heard of HIIT before, it’s about time you do. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and no, it’s not just another workout trend. This type of workout has increased in popularity through workout videos and those with busy schedules for its effectiveness. The idea behind HIIT is that it gets your heart rate up quickly with a lot of cardio-focused intervals. You can get a solid workout in with only 15-30 minutes if you try…

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Simple Workout Tips to Stay Fit this Winter

Big, delicious meals, hectic busy schedules, and the cold weather can all be reasons why our health and fitness levels get put on hold during the holiday season. Yet, with the increase of food, drink, sugar, and stress it’s even more important that we remain active during the winter. Here are a few simple and effective tricks that can make all the difference to keeping you healthy fit and happy this season. 1. Take up Yoga If you haven’t already joined…

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3 Reasons you should run every day

With so many workout and diet trends on the market, it’s easy to go from one gym to the next trying everything to stay in shape. But sometimes, the best workout for you is the most obvious and timeless one you can do: running. Running has incredible emotional and physical, short-term and long-term health and social benefits for you. These 3 reasons you should run every day are hard to deny.     1. Running is one of the best…

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