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Wedding-Ready Beauty Round-Up

My wedding is less than a month away and the pressure is on to make sure everything is perfect for the big day. The planning of such a big and important event is hard on its own, but with all the photos being taken at a wedding it’s been especially important for me to feel and look my best approaching my wedding weekend. Confidence can be a struggle when there is so much stress that surrounds planning a wedding, but…

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8 Hair products for the perfect blow out

Knowing how to achieve the perfect blowout should be in every woman’s hair arsenal. This look is always flattering to your cheekbones and face shape. It’s a well put together, sexy, and low-maintenance hairstyle. With these 8 products, you can take your normal hair styling routine to the next level. these products will give you volume, eliminate frizz and maximize shine for the perfect blowout.   Caviar volume shampoo When wanting to achieve the perfect blowout, you’ll need to start…

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Don’t fly without these 8 beauty products

Some people love flying, the exciting take-off, relaxing entertainment and the thrill of where they are going next. Many others, however, simply hate it. Long lines, crowded crammed seats and trying to sit still for hours can be a bit of a dreaded experience. Whether you are someone who loves flying or not, or maybe a little bit of both, flying doesn’t have to take a toll on your beauty. The key to stepping off the plane refreshed is to stay…

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5 Simple Tricks for Healthy Hair

In a perfect world, we would all wake up with our hair shiny, styled and ready for selfies worthy of a proud “I woke up like this” caption. Reality, though, sings a different tune. Kinks, frizz, dullness, and difficulty to grow, our hair can be fussy and stubborn. Through the years, I have paid attention to what works, what doesn’t and narrowed down a list of 5 simple things you can do to ensure your hair stays happy, healthy and…

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Cute/Casual Lady in Red Look

I was once told by an older Korean lady that red was a color of bad luck for me and that I should wear more white and green. Maybe thats the case but the warning came a little too late. My wardrobe is full of red and luckily greens, whites, browns and of course purple. I even have some pink in there because I’m trying to expand my horizons. Today I have a shoot so I had to get all…

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