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Clothing That Inspires

What makes the perfect outfit? For me, it’s something that makes me feel strong, confident and beautiful but is also something I’m comfortable in. When I pick my look, I want it to say to the world everything I’m feeling that day, while also ensuring no discomfort. Line and Dot is one of my favorite brands for finding pieces that make a statement but are also easy to wear. Line and Dot is also more than just a clothing brand,…

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My Favorite Coats for Winter 2019

Winter in LA has finally arrived, and while the weather here is still much warmer than the typical winter, many days I still need a good coat to keep warm. Throughout winter, our coats and jackets really become the focal point of most outfits, this is why I am particularly picky when it comes to investing in a coat. There are some trends I like, but when buying a jacket I like something versatile that I can wear with many…

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What to wear after Labor Day: 2018 Fall fashion trends you’re going to see

In the world of Fashion, Labor Day is the official mark that summer is gone and fall is here. With a summer gone, white, bright colors, and light airy fabrics go with it. I hope you’re all shopping the awesome Labor Day sales to help stores make way for the oh-so-wonderful beloved season: Fall. Fall is the time of year many of us just can’t wait for. The crisp air calls for layered sweaters, large coats, an array of scarves, tall…

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This chic and colorful crossbody bag is Perfect for Spring

A well-chosen bag is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Chic, colorful accessories like this bag from turn your outfit from drab to fashion-forward in the easiest way. Every Spring collection should include the perfect hands-free crossbody for your days out on the town, embracing the bright and colorful season. A style that is featured on nearly every type of clothing item from dresses to bodysuits in the Spring, this crossbody from MCM tops the…

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5 types of skirts every fashionista should own

Skirts are a staple in the closets of those who fancy themselves as “fashionistas”. Many shy away from skirts, though, because they simply don’t know how, where or when to wear them, and they certainly don’t know what to wear them with. The world of skirts can be an intimidating one, but once you get down the basics, it’s cake. For starters, there are some skirts every fashionista should own because they are statement pieces, yet are versatile enough for you…

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