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Don’t fly without these 8 beauty products

Some people love flying, the exciting take-off, relaxing entertainment and the thrill of where they are going next. Many others, however, simply hate it. Long lines, crowded crammed seats and trying to sit still for hours can be a bit of a dreaded experience. Whether you are someone who loves flying or not, or maybe a little bit of both, flying doesn’t have to take a toll on your beauty. The key to stepping off the plane refreshed is to stay…

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How to achieve a healthy glow this summer

The battle between having pure, young skin and being tan seems to be a bit of a battle. Many women would agree that being tan makes them look and feel better when the season to rock shorts, tanks and bikinis rolls around. Yet that beloved time in the sun comes with a bit of a guilty conscience knowing that you might be causing yourself some wrinkle-woes later on in life. So what exactly is the solution? Should we live in the moment…

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Your Skin Spring Cleaning Guide

Closets, bedrooms, and kitchen cupboards all have an appointment for a fresh clean when Spring arrives. If you only ever wear one denim jacket it’s time to let the other 6 hanging in your closet go to make room for what’s next. The same idea goes for your skin. When you’ve been hiding away in the winter, wearing lot’s of makeup during the busy holiday season and staring out the window waiting for the first ray of sun, then it’s…

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The best loungewear

Whether I’m working from home for the day, enjoying a lazy weekend, or having a movie night in on the couch, comfortable and stylish loungewear is always a must-have for me. Here are some of my favorite loungewear brands for your days of irresistibly cozy relaxation.   M/F people M/F people is unisex clothing company, so men and women: this is for you both. M/f has taken the approach to design all their clothing products to be unisex, leaving up to…

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6 simple steps to minimizing pores and getting clearer skin

Keeping a clean and bright complexion can be much more complicated than we’d like it to be. Genetics, diet, exposure, and product all play a role in the overall health of our skin.  Everyone has pores on their face, they are essential and integral part of skin. However, not all pores are the same size. Although you wouldn’t be able to get rid if your pores, nor should you even try, you can do certain things to make them appear…

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