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4 Great Hikes in Los Angeles

‘Tis the season for outdoor workouts, getting under the sun, out in nature and in shape! There are so many benefits to working out daily, and working out outside. These beautiful hikes are perfect for an intense cardio workout, or a breezy slightly challenging walk with friends. Whether you are visiting Southern California or are lucky enough to call this place home, here are 5 top hikes you don’t want to miss. These trails are a full of beautiful nature, long…

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4 Tips for Getting in Shape for Swim Suit Season

They say that Summer bodies are made in the Winter… but what if it’s already Spring and you’re still not in your ideal summer bod!? Don’t fret. If you’re on the West Coast or somewhere where bikini season is approaching faster than you can say “abs” then it can be a little daunting to slip into a bikini just yet. There’s still some time to get yourself in shape for swimsuit season, to boost your confidence and help you reach…

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How and why you should be celebrating Popcorn today

January 19th has been dubbed National Popcorn Day, and this famous snack is one worth talking about. This food has been made famous by movie goers, dieters and party hosts everywhere, and for good reasons. This treat is one that can be sweet, salty, light or filling, and hello it’s made from corn… how bad can it be? Popcorn is a popular treat all over, and can be a wonderful way to cure that mid-day salty craving or that perfect sweet…

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5 Ways Yoga can improve your life

Yoga can calm your mental state Is it anxiety you’re dealing with? Most of us deal with anxiety on some level. Whether it’s stress from school, work, relationships, or some other problem you’re facing, yoga’s mental practice can calm your mind and ease anxiety. Additionally, the physical act of practicing yoga can cause you to feel happier and less anxious. 2. Yoga can improve your posture Sitting all day at a desk, long commutes to and from work, spending all day on a…

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Staying slim the French way: no yoga pants or gym required

A common complaint many of us have when it comes to working out, staying slim, or being fit is that it interferes with our lives in some way. We don’t have time, we don’t want to sacrifice good food or drinks, and we certainly don’t want to miss out on our social life. What if I told you there’s a way to stay slim, healthy and happy in your own skin without ever stepping foot in a gym or sliding…

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