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Best beauty hack for restful sleep

We seem to be endlessly curious about the magical uses for essential oils, and for good reason: they work. In fact, essential oils are not just a modern-day trend but have been used effectively for thousandsย of years, first being popularized in the Bible when they were considered a luxury reserved for royalty. Lavender Lavender essential oil is the go-to essential oil for calmness and relaxation. Known for its ability to induce restfulness and tranquility in the body and mind, Lavender…

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How to discover great beauty products

  So much time, money and energy are spent on finding great beauty products. Wouldn’t it be much more simple if we could find better ways to discover great beauty products? Any gal who has spent their life wearing makeup, moisturizers, face masks, and other concoctions they discovered on Pinterest wants to know what the best stuff out there is. Here’s are some useful tips on how to discover great beauty products! Ask Your Friends Ask those closest to you…

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Why You Should Join the #NoMakeup Movement

No makeup selfies have been clogging our Instagram feeds lately… and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Started by the inspiring Alicia Keys who opted to quit wearing makeup in May, even on her airings as a judge on The Voice. Alicia Keys act was labeled “brave” by many celebs who followed suit such as actress Cameron Diaz, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria’s Sect model Adriana Lima. With so many celebrities starting the no makeup movement, it’s no surprise that thousands of girls have…

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Top 7 Organic Makeup Brands

Lotus Cosmetics When it comes to our makeup, Natural is better. But I’m not just talking about the look you’re going for, I’m also talking about the actual makeup you’re using. Makeup brands are everywhere in the women’s world. In magazine spreads, Instagram posts, TV ads, and littering the shelves of the Sephora’s, ULTAs and department stores of the world. And that’s just the popular stuff. Did you know there areย tons of organic and natural makeup brands out there that…

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Simple Purifying Charcoal Mask by Derma E

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin are all important in your daily skin care routine. Sometimes, your skin needs an extra boost for exfoliating, brightening and deep cleaning. Many people wait to look into more intensive treatments until a breakout occurs, but prevention is the best policy. Using a face mask at leastย one time per week can help prevent breakouts, and clear up your skin of any current imperfections.   On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to many…

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